Monday, November 29, 2010

Deloading this Week

I am going to have to deload this week. The list of nags and injuries:

Partial tear in right Glute at the origin
Partial tear in right Quadriceps in the middle
Nagging shoulders with some numbness in both arms in certain positions
Low Back stiffness, like that is uncommon for me

My workouts will have to be cut by quite a bit. I'll concentrate on rehab and prehab movements in extended ranges of motion

Today's Training:

Zercher Squat:
worked up to 3 sets at 315x6

Elevated Bulgarian Split Squat:
3x10 each side bodyweight
Just concentrated on getting as much range of motion as possible. Man, my Rectus Femoris is tight!

Long Step Walking Lunges
3x until I felt I had about 3 left in the tank.

That was it. Fun Times

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