Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend, Trees, and Stones

This weekend went fairly well. Had some down time to fish, I should, seeing as I live on a lake. I worked in the workshop, caught up on one of the AFI top 100 movies of all time (Apocalypse Now) and made Christmas stuff with Loren.
Saturday night, as I was doing something in kitchen I heard a loud thud. I look into the living room at my wife because I was wondering just where in the hell that noise came from. We look out off of the front porch to see my wife's Jeep Commander under a 40 foot tree branch. Awesome. First a deer runs into my truck a few weeks ago and punches in the door, then this happens.
So today I spent the vast majority of my down time talking to insurance goons. I had a 30 minute window to workout and I decided to play with my new stone trainer.

Stone Trainer:
4 Plates x5
5 Plates x5
6 Plates x2
5 Plates x exhaustion (ended up being 6-8)

My work capacity sucks right now because I've been training exclusively for the Highland Games. I get at least 2 minutes rest and only exert myself for 3-5 seconds, with the exception of the Caber. So I'm gonna try to work on that a lot more with complexes and exhaustion sets at the end of the workout.

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