Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Deadlift, Jump PRs and "Yoostas"

Did a complex for the monthly challenge here at work early this morning because one of my clients cancelled. It was set up like this:

Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Power Press
All of this is done back to back and is considered one rep. You have to complete 8 reps for the weight to count. My goal was to beat clients and trainers by 100lbs, but one of the clients threw out 115lbs. So I shoot for 220 and it almost killed me. On rep 7 my shoulder gave out after the Power press and all 225 slammed down on my right Quadriceps. I now sport a lovely blue/red/purple mark.

So I rested and had twenty bajillion other clients, then I got the urge to Deadlift. So I did.

Conventional Deadlift:
135x a few
225x10 or so
405x3(added belt)
505x1(Conventional Stance 30lb PR!!!)
I was Deadlifting in the Sumo stance, but after evaluating my body, I decided that I'm built for a more conventional stance. I felt as if I could have gone higher, but with the torn part of my glute screaming at me I decided to call it a day. Thank God for Blue Heat and Spud Inc. belts.

Seated Box Jumps (24") from Distance:
7.5'x2(Distance and Rep PR)
First attempt at 7.5' was short by an inch so I didn't stick the landing.

Did some Naural Glute Ham Raises and Kettlebell Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts to work out some the crap in the Glute.

"Yoostas": Every gym has these guys. You know them, or you may be one of them. They are the guys that talk about what they "Yoosta do". As I'm deadlifting this guy comes up to me and tells me how he yoosta squat 500+ for 20 reps. Yeah, and I can piss all the colors of the rainbow. Don't tell me what you were able to do at some point in time, show me what you can do now.

Get in the gym , SFW and don't make excuses. I can make all the excuses in the world, my doctors certainly gave them to me, but I don't. I keep driving, I keep going, I keep getting better, I keep throwing farther, and most importantly I keep my head up.

Blue Heat
3 Blue Heat, 1 Free Hot Pink
Spud Inc 3-ply Belt
Spud Inc. 3 Ply Deadlift Belt


  1. Ever used Tiger Balm for body aches, pains, etc? It's an herbal formula. I like it a lot, but it smells pretty strong.

  2. I've used just about everything out there from over the counter, to stuff in the farm supply stores. Most fo the time its too greasy or is not thick enough. Blue Heat, Hot Pink, Equi-Block are the ones that I keep around because they provide enough "pop" but are in no way shape or form greasy or unappealing. Except for Equi-Block if you're not careful that stuff burns. Just remember that most of these products are labeled not for human use, so use you're own judgement. There is my little disclaimer.