Monday, December 13, 2010

Deadlift PR, Short Workouts, and Hematomas

Had a great weekend with the wife. Awesome campsite, awesome state park, tons of wildlife, and an overall great time. We ended up spending a lot of time walking around, shooting the shit, and just enjoying each other's company. This weekend was the first time that I have actually felt hungry for the first time in weeks, so I hope my body is finally back in agreement with me.

I didn't make enough time to train today, so I hit up my main lift and called it a day, for more than one reason. Last week I bit it on a box jump. We are talking hematoma, good sized gash, scraped shin, the whole nine yards. It is the first time I've missed a box jump and man, did I pay the piper for it.

Conventional Stance Deadlift
135x10 or so
405x3(added belt) On the descent after the first rep I ran the bar down my shin, re-injuring the spot and making it worse. Of course, it was only the right shin.
465x1(planned on 3 here, but the shin was REALLY throbbing)
515x1(10 lb PR!!!)

I always feel like I have more, but I am totally happy with 5 and 10lbs here and there. I don't want to get in the habit of missing lifts. After this I called it a day. I could have fit in my Supplementary Exercise, but after re-injuring the shin, I called it quits and hit the cold plunge.

I'm going to ice as much as I can for the shin, then later tonight I'm going to try and evacuate some of the blood. I have way more swelling than I am comfortable with. This was really pointed out to me when I wore a pair of socks close to the injury and there was a 1/2" dent from the compression of the sock. Trip to the pharmacy and the problem will be solved.

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