Friday, December 10, 2010

4th Anniversary

4 years ago today my wife and I were married. It sure doesn't feel like 4 years. Hell, it feels just like yesterday that my son was born and that was 2 1/2 years ago. Just like any other relationship, there have been ups and downs. Thankfully, the ups have been far superior to the downs.

She has stuck with me through the end of my degree when I was working two jobs, when I was working so much I slept in my truck two nights out of every week, and through the 14 hour work days. She is the one who has to hear me complain about bad training days, the nagging injuries, and my bad mood when I get home. It is a suprise that she hasn't smothered me in my sleep.

For her anniversary gift she wanted to go camping (I hit the jackpot, right?). So we are going to be going to one of the State Parks here in North-Central Florida to spend the next few days together. I'm excited about going swimming and I'm sure she'll want to go walk on the nature trails. I'll chalk the walking up to GPP. You're probably thinking, "What is this jackass doing swimming in the middle of December?" My answer. Natural springs. These things stay 72 degrees year round, so this will feel warmer than the air temperature. Now when I get out it'll be a different story, but I'm feeling tough enough to be dumb.

Now to go pick up the flowers from the florist and I'm on my way home to finish packing. I'm checking out for the weekend

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