Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bad Squats and Good Mornings...

Today has been hellacious to say the least. Water pump went out last night so I had to get up early to shower at the gym. Wake up was 3:45am and the drive into work was 19 degrees. Oh yeah, you read that right, 19 degrees in FLORIDA, its killing me.

Started seeing clients at 6am, had a straight run of them until 11am, headed over to see my son's end of the year Christmas Show thingy-majigger. First I was late, then as I'm walking up my son sees me and freaks out. He starts crying and the whole nine yards. Christmas thing gets over, then we go to the mall to go see Santa and he wants nothing to do with it. Picture was bad, not to mention I make Santa look like the size of an elf in the picture. Rushed back to work, saw one more client, trained, then saw my last client of the day. I was supposed to see two more, but I've got to get the pump fixed before sundown.


worked up to 465x1. I planned on doing 3 here, but the weight felt shifty and I wasn't feeling it. I called it a day and moved onto supplementary lifts.

Good Mornings:
315x5(added Belt)
405x5 (Rep PR!!!)

At least I got some quality Good Mornings in after the crap squats I did.I had to go change and see one last client and did some Lunges with her to finish up the day.

Notice how I did not mention eating anything? Yeah, I did not, so that's probably why I felt like garbage on the squats. Now I'm gonna go fix the pump and try to eat.

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