Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Juice and Veins Popping Out of My Neck

Ahhhh, the constant question, "What stack are you on right now?" This always makes me shake my head. Why does everyone automatically assume that I'm pinning(taking steroids)? Sure, one year ago I weighed in at 240lbs and now I'm in the low 300s, but I had previous lifting experience. I took almost 4 years off because of the accident and that is a lot of time to lose a ton of muscle mass, but muscle has memory to it. My strength has gone up a lot too, but it has all been nothing but hard work, eating everything i can get my hands on, and busting my ass whenever I can in the gym.

I had a guy walk up to me not too long ago, show me a piece of paper, and asked me, "Am I doing this right?". On the list was the names of different anabolic/androgenic steroids. I just had to shake my head and tell the guy I had no idea what was going on with that stuff.

The thing I don't get is that I don't consider myself that strong. I just passed 500 on my Squat and Deadlift, which is pretty good considering I've only been at it for a year. But, there are guys out there who lift a whole hell of a lot more than I do both raw and geared while being drug free. Scott Yard is a huge example of that.

People just don't get hard work anymore. They think that if someone has worked harder than them and is better than they are, they had to cheat to do it. I link it back to the change in sports here in America. Now, everybody gets a trophy, whether they win or not. We can't pick for sports teams because then someone would have to be chosen last. I think I was in the last generation for things like kickball and dodgeball where we picked teams one person at a time and there were losers. Hell, its survival of the fittest at its finest. "But Matt, that's not fair"

EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE, BUT FUCK FAIR. Was it fair when I got hit by that semi. Hell no, but if you want something you go earn it.

I don't get that mentality. You don't deserve anything, you have to earn it. I have people tell me, "You work too hard, you deserve a vacation". Well guess what? If I don't work, bills don't get paid, therefore I didn't earn the right to take a vacation. Darwin was right it is all about survival of the fittest. Now, with this new mentality everyone embraces it is survival of the fairest, which is total horseshit.

Now that I have veins popping out of my neck and forehead its time to go eat and get a few Rockstars to get me through the day.

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