Thursday, November 18, 2010

3RM Personal Record and Speed Tugs

Did some speed tugging today to start off my training. No not that kind of "tugging", get your mind out of the gutter...sinner. For those of you who did not get that it is a Tommy Boy reference.

Speed Deadlifts against strong bands
225x3 for 8 sets, 60s rest
Lockout was tough here, but I felt really fast

Good Mornings in Squat stance for 3 Rep Max
Bar x a few
135x10 or so
365x3 (added belt)
405x3 (PR)

I felt really good during training, but as I began to cool down my Iliolumbar Ligament flared up again. Nothing some Equi-Block and Flexeril can't help. That's all I could fit in because I met with an acquaintance of mine and his girlfriend about exercise and pregnancy. We had a very productive conversation. Tomorrow is boring upper body, but I'll be starting Overhead Presses again, one of my personal favorites



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