Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bigger Wood and Family

Spent more time splitting wood today and it still seems like I haven't put a dent in the mess. Thankfully my neighbor Dave let me borrow his wood splitter and I got twice the work done. He helped me section out to limbs into manageable pieces as I used the hydraulic splitter. I have more firewood than I'll ever need and if anyone would like some I'll help you out. Shoot me an email if you are in Gainesville and would like some. I've got plenty of wood to go around (insert dick joke here). The oak is already seasoned and judging by how dense it is it will burn really hot for a long time.

It was a good day to practice for the stones. The pieces of oak were about 2' long and about 1.5' in diameter. They were heavy as hell, so I practiced picking them up stone style, then hoisted them on my shoulder. Then I carried them over to the splitter and did what you do with a splitter. My Glutes, Traps, and Erectors are officially dead.

I had my Dad as my helper today after Dave left. My Dad had his spine fused not too long ago and he could not lift, but he ran the lever of the splitter as I picked up the huge ass sections of tree. Now, that doesn't sound like too much help, but you have no idea. Just having someone run the lever makes the job almost 2x as fast as normal, so I was extremely happy to have him there to help. Plus, I have a lot of fun with him, he is great to bullshit with.

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