Tuesday, November 9, 2010

3x5 Upper

Had to sneak in training in 45 minutes today, but made it pretty productive.

Incline Bench:
Bar x 15 or so
95x5 with speed
135x5 with speed
175x5 pause and go for 3 sets
Felt good but my shoulder is already tweaking, so I'm going to only bump up 5lbs each week from here on out to ensure I stay healthy

Close Grip 3 board bench press:
Bar x a few
225x5 for three sets

Felt really good, but I could not go as heavy as I wanted because I had no spotter. I tied the board to my chest using Therabands. I got the idea courtesy of Clint Darden.

I had to end it there, but I at least got my Main Lift and Supplementary Lift in. I'll finish some of the Accessory stuff at home tonight.


1. If you are spotting someone on the bench press don't Biceps Curl it up and tell your boyfriend that, "Its all you, Bro". Let go of the bar and let the guy actually lift it...He may actually get stronger as a result (GASP!)

2. Don't ask me what Bench Press Boards are for when I'm in the middle of the lift. I don't ask you what your half squat/goodmorning is for. I'll just wait for the L4 vertabrae to shoot out and draw my own conclusions.

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