Wednesday, November 10, 2010

PR Day

I know that you are not supposed to work two ME days into a week, but I went ahead and did some Trap Bar Deadlifts for Max Effort. I was full of piss and vinegar today and just said "F" it and went for it. Damn it felt GOOD!!!!

Trap Bar Deadlift
135x10 or so
495x3 last one with a 10s hold at the top for the hell of it
545x1 with 10s hold at top
565x1 with 5s hold at top
585x1 (20 lb PR!!!)
It was an ugly lift, but a pull to lockout is a pull to lockout. I think I strained a mucle in my calf though. I can't pinpoint which one just yet, but I'll stretch out the Gastrocnemius and the Soleus later tonight when work is done.

Deep Good Mornings (Squat stance)
Bar x a few
I felt like working up to an 8RM for the hell of it

Natural Glute-Ham Raises
2 sets 20

BW x 15

DB Windmills
35x5 each side
45x5 each side
55x5 each side
My Obliques are pretty much locked in place, so I used these to loosen up.

Now that I've been using a belt I've been hitting PRs left and right. My form feels better when I use it and I feel like there is a "groove" to my lifting.

When did the Leg Press machine become a triceps extension tool? Just because you move the sled 6 inches and use your arms doesn;t mean you are gaining anything, except a flase sense of strength

Back to the leg press machine...If you can max out the sleeves on a Leg Press do you think you are really getting any stronger? I fell into that trap when I was younger, pressing 1250 for 12 reps thinking I was king of the gym. In reality I was weak as hell because my core was so weak I couldn't Squat 225 cleanly.

Calves: You have this wonderful elastic component in your lower leg called your Achilles Tendon. Now, when you load up 5 plates on the calf press machine and "bounce" out 12 reps are you working your Gastrocnemius like you're trying to? NO YOU JACKWAGON! A peice of advice from someone with 19" calves. Put a two second pause at peak contraction and a two second pause at the stretch and watch those calves blow up. Sure, you can't add as much weight, but if your goal is to grow, ditch the ego ans welcome the gains.

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