Thursday, November 18, 2010

Incorporating Bands into Training

I didn't make the time to post yesterday after my little mini-article. I decided to try out some heavier unstable training yesterday on the squat. I used it as sort of an Accessory Day for lower body, but I ran out of time and had to go meet a client after only 4 sets.

Free Squats with plates suspended from doubled average band
135 total/90lbs suspended x 8
185 total/140lbs suspended x 8
225 total/180lbs suspended x8
285 total/180lbs suspended x8

The thing that kills you with these is the Time Under Tension(TUT). It took a good 3-4 seconds on the descent and another 3-4 for the ascent portion of the lift. Each set had a TUT of over 60 secs to complete. I was really concentrating on keeping my arch, especially as I was breaking parallel. The thing that I really liked about this set-up was the fact that it made me slow down my initial hip break. I've been breaking my hips too fast and the last time I had a Max Effort Squat the bar rolled down my back at the beginning of the lift and it screwed up the tightness in my upper back. Needless to say I bombed it.

Today I will be doing speed deads agains doubled average bands. I feel now that I've hit over 500lbs on my raw Deadlift and Squat, I will start to incorporate bands and chains to my Dynamic Effort and Max Effort days.

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