Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Upper Training and GYM NOTES

Hit up an early workout so I can shoot some more video later. I'm sticking with the Rippetoe style progression with the main lift and using repetition method for my Accessory work.

Incline Bench
Bar x a few
95x a few
Actually felt good today. I'm actually getting my triceps to fully engage the way I want them to. From here the progression will be much lighter from session to session, instead of the 5 lb progression I've been making between training.

3 board press to a "heavy" triple
worked up to 245
Should have gone a heavier here, but you can only do so much training alone.

Bent over rows
3x10 @145

OH Triceps Extension Cable
Went nice and slow on the eccentric here to get some more Time Under Tension.

Finished with biceps and "light" abs work

I absolutely HATE upper body work, but I know that I need to do it. So, I'm being a big boy and sucking it up. I'm just starting back to it, so my numbers are absolutely pathetic, but they have nowhere to go but up. I'm just going to take it slow to make sure it doesn't tear to shreds.

The Preacher Curl: Last time I checked the goal of using the preacher bench is to eliminate any movement that will help with the lift. So when your ass lifts 2"-3" off of the seat and plops back down at the top of the rep, your doing it wrong. Its even more tragic when you weigh close to 200lbs and those 25s on the side of the EZ Curl bar are too much for isolation work.

Cable Crossovers: Ah, the cable crossover. The Douchebag's exercise-in-front-of-the-mirror top choice, followed closely by the power curl in the squat rack. When did this exercise become a hunched over punching motion? Nobody cares what weight you cable crossover, so lower the weight and do it right. Who knows, your chest might actually grow some as a result.

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