Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Breakdown of My Training

Here is the new training, now that I have had to re-plan EVERYTHING.

Day 1: 
Close Grip Power Snatch from Hang
Push Press
Lateral Raise
Upright Row
Russian Twist
  EXPLANATION:  Close Grip Speed Snatch is for speed in the WOB.  There is no drop involved in this snatch and the grip mimics the motion of the WOB.  Push Press is there because I suck at OH Press and I need to get better at them.  Lateral Raise is there to help with my sheaf.  Upright Row is for my weak traps and the Russian Twist is more for range of motion (ROM) through my core.

Day 2:
Front Squat
Barbell Row
Jump Pullups
Blast Strap Rows
Pulling Woodchops
EXPLANATION:  Front Squat to build up the Quadriceps, but also help me work on my Squat form as a whole.  All the back work is thrown in to build up my upper back which has become weaker than I want it to.  I am incorporating both horizontal and vertical pulling to get the best gains.  The pulling woodchops are put in to help built rotational speed, which I seem to be lacking lately.

Day 3:
High rep Kettlebell work (Snatches, Cleans, Swings)
Weighted walks at an incline (40-135lbs added)
Throws work
EXPLANATION:  To increase work capacity and endurance

Day 4:
Dynamic press:  Specific lift changes every week
Dumbbell press:  Specific lift changes every week
Triceps work
Caber Curls
Speed Ladder work
EXPLANATION:  No big secret here, just trying to build up my shot put and caber.  My upper body is seriously lagging behind my lower, so I need as much work as I can get.  Speed ladder is included so foot speed will increase.

Day 5:
Power Cleans
Explosive Good Mornings
Depth Jumps/Reactive Jumps
Single-Leg Romanian Deadlifts
Standing abs
EXPLANATION:  General speed day, really keying in on the hips.  Standing abs... you almost never use your abs when you are lying on the floor, so why train them in the gym that way?

Day 6:
Meathead Conditioning and Throwing
Throwing will come first, then the Meathead Conditioning.  Tire flips, truck pushes, sled drags, caber carries for distance, etc...  If it is heavy and I can move it, it is fair game

Day 7:

  Three main lifts (Snatch, Squat, and Clean) are all done on a percentage based periodization determined by my one rep max on each lift.  I'm going to re-try an older % based method from Bigger, Faster, Stronger.  It is what I used when I first started lifting seriously and I got strong quick and stayed very healthy.  The Press will be done at 40-60% of my one rep max and will change between incline, overhead, and flat.  Every program will work, you just have to work the program.
  All the accessory work is done between 3-5 sets and 8-15 reps and vary week to week.  This will allow me to accumulate as much lean mass as possible while, hopefully, keeping my work capacity high.  This is a representation of only one microcycle and it will change over time depending on where my competitions lay in a specific time frame. 
  During this time my conditioning will change, and most days will have some sort of weighted walking or sprints/sled drags.  The goal here is to lose some fat mass, but I am not going to really focus on that until I have my next cut.  I do not like a lukewarm approach when it comes to losing weight, either you are or you are not.  It is as simple as that, so when I go on the next cut my goal will be to lose about 20lbs in 28 or so days.  When I start the cut I want to be around 295, so I only need to drop 8lbs until then.  This is where the conditioning work and portion size changes come into play.
  Well, here is the plan and here is to setting goals and making them. 

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  1. day 4... you can call them what you want, but you are still in the squat rack doing curls:) be sure to kiss your bicep while you are at it:)