Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Deloading for the Games

Now is deload time.  Yesterday I had my last training session before the Highland Games this weekend.  I am starting to get nervous because I am really hard on myself about achieving results.  I have completely changed my training regiment and concentrated a lot more on my throws, so I'm hoping it will pay off.  Only time will tell if the change has paid off.  Today I only did:

Shot Put Drills:  10mins
Hammer Drills:  5mins
Weight for Distance Drills:  10mins

I really concentrated on foot speed on the shot put and weights for distance.  I also changed my spins a little to make the first one shorter and the socond more of a sprint.  Lets hope it all pays off...

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  1. good luck man, I wish you the best of luck! followed :P