Sunday, March 27, 2011

Results From the Bay Area Rennaissance Festival

I did okay at best.  I can't bitch too much, but performed poorly on a few throws where I thought I would do well.  Here is how it broke down:

Braemar Stone:  Threw a PR here and it actually felt pretty good.  I had plenty of pop, I drove well and I feel like I did an alright job of keeping my high and throwing up.

Open Stone:  Threw another PR here.  I didn't hit 40' like I wanted, but I had some good pushes and had 38'+ throw.  Special thanks to Dan Jessop and Dave Robinson for helping out with my form.

56# Weight For Distance:  I don't even want to write about this one.  It seems that every other Games I forget how to throw it.  The only PR I threw in Jax was the 56 and it felt like a crappy throw.  I have to make it down to Ocala to practice with another A Division competitor to get this one down.  I'm taking up about 1/2 of the box on the first spin, when the guys who are good at this are almost staying in place on their first spin.

28# Weight for Distance:  I needed to get my head clear, so my first throw was my old school single spin.  It went something like 47', but it was a throw away attempt, so I didn't care too much.  I concentrated on keeping my first spin tight on the next throw and it went 55'+, a PR.  Final throw I kept it tight and got a better pull and I threw 56'+ which is a huge PR and one of my goals for this Games.

Hammer:  This was frustrating.  I threw 69' in Orlando but only hit 64' in these Games.  I keep releasing after 2 spins because I feel like I'll lose it after the third.  In practice I keep my hips on a good rotation and stay stable, but the last two Games I've just screwed up.  Again I need to practice with someone who has technique.

Caber:  I usually am in the top 4 or 5 with this, but I had no pop after lunch.  It was too damned hot and I did not have the energy.  I need to start doing my workouts outside from Noon-2 to get used to the heat, so I don't suffer after our lunch break.

Sheaf:  To be honest I don't even want to talk about it.  Too many people trying to tell me too many different things and I just got screwed up.  Just like the caber, no pop.

56# Weight For Height:  I made it to 11' and barely hit the bar at 12'.  No excuse here, just no gas left in the tank.

I had a great time with some great people and I got to spend some time with my Uncle Bobby and Aunt Marty.  I need to spend less time in the gym and more time on the field.

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  1. say hi to uncle Bobby and Aunt Marty, will ya?