Monday, March 21, 2011

The Weekend Bloat(Experimenting on Myself)

Over the past few weeks I dropped weight that I was not planning on dropping.  Don't get me wrong, a certain amount of fat loss will not hurt anyone, however I did not want to be 295 until April 10th.  With all the work capacity training I had been doing I dropped 10lbs like it was nothing.  Hell, I wasn't even trying.  So, I took the opportunity to see how well I could bloat.  Wednesday I weighed in at 293 and was the first time I had seen the other side of 300 since September or August.  I used this experiment to benefit not only myself, but the readers of my blog, so here is how it went.

What I used for the bloat:
Simple and highly refined carbohydrates
Salt and lots of it
Liquid calories
Gatorade and Water

  I started off Wednesday night by taking in a ton of highly refined carbs and simple sugars, finished off with salt and 64oz of water on top of the 1.5 gallons I had already ingested that day.  Thursday I already had some swelling going on.  So I woke up and had 1.5 cups of rice 6 eggs and doused it in soy sauce and continued the trend throughout the day.  Friday was a screwy day, but I managed to down a gallon of 1/2 water 1/2 Gatorade before I ate some smoked turkey(like real smoked turkey, not that Oscar Meyer "turkey") and drove to Jacksonville.  From there I spent some time with my brother and ate some more salty, highly refined carbs.  Saturday and Sunday was more of the same but with more coffee, NOS, and Rockstar thrown in there. 

I weighed in this morning at 305 on the nose.  What information could be gleaned from this "experiment"?  I ate a diet that was pretty typical of your average American and I gained 12lbs in a matter of days.  There is no way in hell I ingested enough calories to elicit that amount of weight gain.  That means I would have had to eat 42,000 kCals over my maintenance levels over, roughly, four days.  So why did I gain it?  Mostly water retention.  For every gram of glycogen you store in your body you store 2-3 grams of water.  By filling up those glycogen stores I effectively gained the ability to hold onto more water.  Combine that with the salt and there is the 12lbs I gained.

  How can this help you?  Don't eat this shit, plain and simple.  Imagine how much lighter you could be walking around just by cutting this garbage out of your nutritional profile.  Try it for a month and you'll never go back.

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