Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Update and Last Games as a B

Well it has been a while since my last blog post, so here goes. 

I have spent the past two weekends of my life moving.  Nothing makes me more inscenced than moving.  I loathe it, but it had to be done.  Instead of living in the thriving metropolis that is Melrose, FL we have decided to move back into Gainesville.  We found a house to rent here that is pretty alright, but it is a HUGE change from 18 acres of land on a lake.  We will still make it out there as often as possible, but the commute was killing us and we were spending something like $700+ a month in gas alone.  The best part is my drive to work is now 15 minutes, where it was 40-45 minutes before. 

Training has been going very well and now I'm deloading to get ready for my competition in Orlando this weekend.  I feel strong and fast, which is a big change over the past few Highland Games I've competed in.  In the past I've felt strong and slow or fast and weak, so the current combination is what I've been looking for.  A lot of it has probably come from me not worrying so much about my weight.  I'm going to compete at the weight I walk around at and not worry about bulking or too much of a salt bloat.  Another thing, I'm not going to drink the night before the competition.  I usually get together with some of the guys and have a pint or nine, but this time I'm not going to drink at all.  I find that my endurance is much better without drinking the night before.

Equipment will be different this time too.  I thought about getting a pair of lighter Powerlifting briefs to help out, but I decided against it at the end.  I'll be using hammer spikes for the first time in this games and that should put some extra oomph on my throws.  I've decided to stay away from the throwing spikes and just throw in my Five Fingers.  Sure, I get a ton of crap for throwing in them from the other competitors, but they work and I throw farther than the guys that laugh at them.  I should start giggling at the guys in soccer cleats.  I'll be wearing a belt this time it will be a Spud Inc. 3 ply Deadlift Belt.  It will probably only be used for the 56# Weight For Height and the Caber.  I finally got my sheaf fork tuned in and filed/sanded down the way it needs to be, but I SUCK AT THE SHEAF.

Here are my goals for the weekend
56#WFD:  26'+
28#WFD:  52'+
Heavy Hammer:  70'+
56# WFH:  12'+
Stone of Strength: 40'  This is a mark I cannot seem to beat, but I feel much more confident in reaching this goal this go 'round
Caber:  At least one 12:00.  I'm always one of the few guys that turns it, but I usually end up over-muscling it and jacking up the turn.
Sheaf:  Try not to embarrass myself too bad.  I SUCK AT THE SHEAF.

I don't care if I win or not, I just want to be in the A's.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the guys I throw with in the B's, but I'm not learning anything from them.  So this will be my last Highland Games as a B regardless of if I win or not.  It is time for me to move on and start throwing with the big boys and learn a thing or two.  I know I'm definitely strong enough to be in the A's, I just need to translate the technique a little better.

All I need now is to pack up the Blue Heat, ammonia, and the kilt...

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