Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Intern and Make That 3 days in a Row

I have a new intern in from the University of Florida and her first day was yesterday. If I wasn't with a client I was getting her set up for the upcoming semester. I love interns. Not in that "Mentor on a power trip" way where I get to make them do busy work and all the crap work I don't want to do. I hate when I hear that people's internships are full of that kind of stuff. I eat up the opportunity to teach people fresh out of academia. Get them in the trenches, get them lifting, keep them away from the "fitness trend" stuff that makes this industry reek of douche-baggery. So far I'm batting .500 on interns as far as success, but the last guy I had didn't have "it".

You have to have a certain amount of personality and presence to succeed in this industry. You have to be able to carry on a conversation, think on your feet, and speak clearly without mumbling. The cat had the knowledge and all the book smarts he needed, he just could not get it going on the other front. Too timid, too soft spoken and just had very little confidence. I can teach you all day long on Block Periodization, Conjugate Method, Non-Linear Periodization, stretching, flexibility, etc..., but he couldn't come up with the things I can't teach.

The other intern has become one of our busiest trainers. She logs in hours to rival the big dogs and gets her clients phenomenal results. She is logging in double the hours of the other trainers in her hiring class. This new intern has the potential of the first intern, I just have to make sure that I give her all the tools she need to succeed. Plus, it helps that now I get to hand-pick the interns and she was one I picked out of four others that applied.

I had only 30 mins yesterday to lift, so I was going to work up to 405 on the Squat and do a pain set. A pain set in my book is a 75-80% of your 1 Rep Max done for max repetitions. Well it is New Year's Resolution time in the gym and both Squat racks were occupied and the rest of the straight bars were being used for Power Biceps Curls. So I hit up the Trap Bar and SFW.

Trap Bar Deadlift
545x4 (Rep PR!!!)

I love a PR even if it is 5-10lbs or 1-2 more reps with a set weight. It keep me going and gives me drive. I'm going to take today off and do some Accessory work Friday then deload next week to get ready for the Highland Games. Right now my Erectors and Glutes are fried. 

Highland Games PRs here I come. I want to set at least 5 PRs next weekend

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