Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Training for Strength???

"I'm in a strength phase right now"  

Nothing makes me cringe more than this statement.  I'm talking about full on make the hair on the back of my neck stand up cringe.  This is usually when I have the ability to make the conclusion that this person has no idea what they are talking about.  I walked into another Personal Training studio and one of the "Trainers" told me this today in so many words,  it made my guts sink. 

"But Matt, my Personal Training certification taught me that I need to go through a Strength Phase from four to six weeks after I finish my Hypertrophy Phase"

Cue the hysterical laughing from me.  I promise I didn't actually laugh in this guy's face, even though I REALLY wanted to.  This is a huge problem.  If you need clarification look further down the page to see my feelings about certifications. 

If you are in the gym for "general fitness", a typical Western Style of periodization can work for you.  If you are shooting for getting bigger, better endurance, more powerful, or stronger it is not the way to go.  Let me ask you this simple question;  what happens to your strength or power when you switch back to your Endurance Phase?

Listen, I'm all for general fitness but come on... You can't pick a goal and aim for it?  Don't tell me, "I just want to be fit".  That is a weak excuse for, "I don't have the balls to make a decision".  You want to lose weight, then do it.  You want better endurance, go for it.  Want to become a gigantic gorilla beast, be my guest.  Just make an F'ing decision and go for it.  This whole "lukewarm" attitude of complacency is one of the biggest problems with the people today.  No one can make a decision about anything and then they flip-flop based on opinions put out by any Tom, Dick or Harry with the testicular fortitude to make a decision.

Find people who are bigger, smarter, faster, stronger, or leaner than you and learn from them.  Trust me, no matter how long you have been lifting there is ALWAYS someone who is better than you in some way, shape or form.  You just need to be smart enough to realize that.

LESSON OF THE DAY:  Grow some testicles and make a decision!!!

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