Friday, June 24, 2011

An Update...

I have been a serious slacker as of late when it comes to blogging.  In between setting up new hire orientation, a Master Level Personal Trainer's class and setting up a in-house Kettlebell Certification my time has been devoted to other things.  I am going to still give you the lovely blog posts on things that make my blood boil, as well as try to keep you updated on my lifting habits. 

As of late I have found my cruising weight.  I feel my strongest in the 295-305lb range and I plan on staying here.  If I lose a little I'm not going to worry, I just don't want to come in too much heavier than 305.  Even at this weight I can make 38" box jumps from a seated position and do 200m weighted sled drags for 6-8 trips.  I am trying to eat to help fuel my training and trying to cut weight while looking for a PR almost every week is just not conducive.  I structure my meals with protein first, some sort of green leafy vegetable and some form of other carb source, usually brown rice. 

For my lifting I have gone back to the Conjugate Method with a 3 week wave on the Main Lift and changing the accessory work every 6 weeks depending on my weak points.  I have started to lift in gear lately and I absolutely love it.  It feels great and it allows me to really concentrate on my form.  I got my gear from Titan Support and they pissed me off.  I had gotten recommendations to go through Ken Anderson, but like the stubborn ass that I tend to be I went directly to the manufacturer.  I took almost 8 weeks to get it from them and they sent the wrong size in both my squat/deadlift suit and my bench shirt.  The squat suit was ridiculously hard to get on and the bench shirt is too loose and has very little pop.  I like the Titan Gear, but I may switch to Inzer or Metal for my multi-ply stuff.

Since donning the squat suit my lifts have skyrocketed.  I should have 600lbs in the bag this coming Tuesday and I start my 3 week cycle of deadlifts after that.  I am having some trouble with depth, not because of the suit, but an injury I sustained 5 weeks ago.  I have a torn muscle in my low back that is killing me.  I am going to have to eliminate Good Mornings all together from my programming and find another Supplementary Lift.  That sucks because I LOVE Good Mornings.

PRs since my last update:
Squat:  585
Rack Jerk:  255x3
Good Morning: 455x3

I had have been consistently PRing in each lift, but these are the most recent numbers.  I have finally committed to the bench press, even though it is pathetic.  I can hit 335 to a 3 board with a shirt and I'll work my way down to the chest in the coming weeks.

There is my update.

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